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About enterprise Majboroda A.A., ChP

The enterprise's production complex includes plots fully equipped with the necessary equipment for the manufacture of joinery products from valuable wood varieties, namely doors, stairs, wall and ceiling panels, arches, tables, cabinet furniture and other products.

In addition, one of the leading areas of our activities for many years is the production of elite types of parquet (artistic and palace).

The main criterion of our work is the quality of products. The complex, "turnkey" impeccable performance of parquet work on quality and timing, qualified, experienced staff and the most modern machines, mechanisms and adaptations allow us to occupy one of the leading places in the market for the production of parquet VIP level. The production of elite types of parquet is a complex process that consists of several stages: preparation and drying of raw materials, high-precision production of blanks and quality control of products at all stages of parquet production.

In the production of artistic or palace parquet as a complete composition, it is necessary to produce various elements: modules of various shapes with a pattern, rosettes, curbs, inserts, from which the pattern is composed.

For the production of elements with a complex, curvilinear profile high-precision woodworking machines with numerical program control (CNC) are used, on which any contours and trajectories are milled, miniature parts according to the program developed for the drawing.

When manufacturing straight-line parts for the production of modules and curbs, sawing machines are used, the use of which ensures high productivity.

When installing on site, we use a reliable and time-tested technology for laying parquet, which provides for the creation of a multi-layer subbase with waterproofing and fastening the parquet to a moisture-proof plywood with glue and nails. This technology provides reliable, long-lasting operation of parquet with minimal costs for maintaining parquet in perfect condition.


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